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We deserve a better DA

Dear Editor:

During my absence due to my father’s death, I was attacked by my opponent, incumbent District Attorney Martin Beeson, at the candidate forums and was unable to respond. You have the right to truth and not innuendo based on twisted accusations that have nothing to do with my platform and the problems in the District Attorney’s Office.

Those of you who know me know this is nonsense and fabrication designed by my opponent to distract you from the real issues:

• His office has not been managed well and his staff has not followed the correct legal procedure in too many cases. Judges have sanctioned this district attorney’s prosecutors for these failures, resulting in more favorable results for the defense. This kind of ineptness does not result in being as “tough on crime” as we need the District Attorney’s Office to be.

• He also has not used good judgment and common sense in filing charges later found baseless by juries. Unwarranted filings detract from prosecuting real criminals and result in unnecessary expenses and a spiraling budget. Not all tragedies are the result of crimes – some are just accidents. Look into his case record that he doesn’t list on his website, and see for yourself.

• While claiming fiscal conservatism, Beeson has tripled his budget – $1.3 million to $3.2 million – even though crime and case filings are not increasing. Yet cases are moving at a slower pace than ever and the court’s dockets are clogged.

Beeson has charged that my statement that evidence continues to come in after charges are filed is “unethical” and just plain wrong. Investigation does not stop after the charges are filed. If this district attorney is not considering new evidence that is acquired after the filing of charges, and proceeds with his prosecution without it, it would explain why so many of his cases have been found baseless. His representation of the justice system is not how it works, and this concerns me and should concern you.

Go to my website at http://www.sherrycaloiafor9thda.net. Look at my “Experience” page. Ask people who know me. Inexperienced, incompetent and unethical are not descriptions that are true of me. I am a tough and strong attorney, and some people are uncomfortable with that, especially in a woman.

When Beeson took office in 2006, he did not have experience running a district attorney’s office. This is the case for any district attorney, and each must be able to rise to the challenge of this profoundly important office. You deserve better than what we have, and that is why many people asked me to run, to bring the budget back under control and bring common sense and good judgment back to the 9th Judicial District.

Beeson says “the DA prosecutes the bad guy and puts them where they belong.” This seems to assume that any person who is charged by the District Attorney’s Office is a bad guy. We are the land of the free and just; we are not the Taliban. His beliefs ignore the fact that in America, we have a criminal justice system based on the Constitution, and that affords all of us the right to justice within the court system.

Let’s get back to basics and focus on real crime and using our resources wisely. Vote for me, and I’ll bring the common sense and good judgment back to Garfield, Rio Blanco and Pitkin counties that we all deserve.

Sherry Caloia

Glenwood Springs

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