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We can’t bear it

Dear Editor:Most of us in the valley are pro-wildlife. We are very concerned about the welfare of our local animals, both tame and wild. We are committed to their well-being.Having said that, what are the responsible agencies going to do about the epidemic of errant bears terrifying our neighborhoods? I am for animal rights, but not in my house!Sunday evening, July 29, I returned from the grocery store, walked into my kitchen and found the freezer door open with food spread on the floor. Then I heard a rustling in another room. With an immediate analysis of the situation I screamed, “Get the hell out of here!” plus a few other words. I did this a few times and a large brown bear raced down a hallway, jettisoned out the same window he smashed to get in, and took off. I was lucky because I was angry, screamed epithets at the intruder … and I wasn’t in his escape route.This was not a case of a door or window left open or even unlocked. This was a case of forced breaking and entering by smashing a window.To make me less comfortable, the bear returned about an hour and a half later and poked his face through the same window. Again I screamed at it and it left. My understanding is they often return to spots where they have had some success. That’s disturbing.This sounds like a unique incident, but it is not. This has been happening way too often in Aspen, and especially in my sub-division, Knollwood, We cannot allow this to continue until there is a fatality. We need help and our governmental agencies into whose responsibility this falls must give us quick action.Concerned citizens have to make their voices heard. Our officials must know this problem has gone too far.Ron HarrisAspen