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We cannot justify Burlingame

Dear Editor:I feel the city’s pain about another Burlingame vote. I really do. But it does voters a disservice to read towering vitriol in print, especially when it’s vented by overheated candidates.To reasonable voters the choice is not clear-cut. So let’s not hear fallacies about Burlingame’s “youth opportunity”; it’s not a 20-something magnet by a long shot. Burlingame is also not a sublime environmental solution, not when it brings a thousand new car trips every day.Burlingame is, by any definition, subsidized car-culture suburbia. Didn’t we come here to avoid the ‘burbs? Can the city afford Burlingame, long-term? Will ownership be a bargain or a burden for an Aspenite wannabe (please add association fees)? Where does the next Burlingame get built when B’game1 grays over and gets pricey?And why don’t Burlingame proponents want to quantify these issues? One has to ask since proponents seem to dodge these meaty matters in their rush to finger evildoers.I like the ideal of real people living near their Aspen work. I really do. But hey, how do we justify the giant cost of infrastructure to the free-market side if phase two and three never get built? Who pays for million-dollar fix-ups when the RETT sunsets in 2020? Voter rolls will increase, so how can we not call it growth? There’re many questions voters want answered straight, no stump speech, thank you, without getting labeled “these same people” for asking.Dan SadowskyAspen

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