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We can stop this war

Do you realize that every time you turn on your heat, run your utilities and fuel that gas-guzzling combustible engine in a car, boat, motorcycle, etc., you are supporting the most corrupt pathological despot killer who betrays anyone (including his own blood relations) – a mustachioed, genocidal terrorist, Saddam Hussein?

We import 700,000 barrels of Iraqi oil per day. This means every American depends on Saddam Hussein to fuel their prehistoric obsession with fossil fuel.

It is called “Oil Politik,” as we go about our daily lives ignoring the truth, sticking that key in the ignition, starting the engines – supporting a dictator who is responsible for burning down the World Trade Center buildings, and laughs in our face on the way to the bank.

We can stop this without war, just boycott Iraqi oil; there are energy alternatives. “One thing you can say about mankind, there is nothing kind about man.” – Tom Waits.

Hinton Harrison


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