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We can all take turns

Dear Editor:

This letter is in response to Martha Neilson’s letter which appeared in the Aspen Times on Aug. 4, 2008:

Glad you wrote in, Martha!

All of us that commute daily would like to know how to get out of Aspen quickly in the afternoon (for that matter we would also like to get IN to town faster too). Unfortunately there are too many of us to make entering and exiting “fast” a possibility.

We have two lanes of traffic plus a bus lane leaving town, which prevents one single line a mile long from grid locking downtown. The left lane also has pullouts for left turning cars. These lanes merge into one lane at the S Curves. What that means is we take turns when we arrive at that merge point. Cars are supposed to use both lanes, that’s why they are there, Martha. The key word here is MERGE. To do this each car allows one car to go in front of them. I know that may slow your trip home a bit but we really DO have to take turns.

Sounds to me like YOU didn’t want to take turns ” tsk, tsk.

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Phil Kashnig