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We came! We’re here!

Dear Editor:

This letter is in response to the article published in the Aspen Times Weekly on Aug. 16, titled “If you build it, will they come?”

I would like to ask the writer, who is they?

We came, we are here. Some of us live here, some of us work here, some visit; but we are definitely here, alive, well and happy at Obermeyer Place.

The writer was compelled, apparently, to take a negative spin on our neighborhood, in spite of all the positive comments coming directly from within the neighborhood. Too much life and too much work happen here for anyone to make a claim that Obermeyer Place lacks vitality.

Exactly what kind of vitality is the writer looking for? Hula-hoops and unicycles? It’s Obermeyer Place, not Burning Man.

There are no high-end retail shops or real estate offices at Obermeyer Place, either. The businesses that “live” here serve the city of Aspen and other local communities. Most of our merchants are longtime locals who live nearby. They might not have a place to conduct business in town, were it not for the realized dream of Mr. Obermeyer. The people who live here and work here do not question its success. We experience it every day. We love it here.

We welcome visitors and Steve Skadron. (Mr. Skadron should see someone about those voices he is hearing. They are imagined; no one has asked him to leave.) Sure, it takes a little time to learn your way around OP – so what?

Take a stroll and see what is available at Obermeyer Place.

Steve Skadron can work out at Bleeker Gym, see a doctor at the Aspen Medical Center, visit Michael Sailor to ask about health insurance. He can seek financial advice at Obermeyer Asset Management; and, when his investments pay off, Studio B Architects will design a new home, Regan Construction will build it, Aspen Painting will paint it; he can purchase art at Tammie Lane’s gallery, then choose a frame at Artisan Framer. His dog can be pampered at Barking Beauties, Ski Service Center will tune his skis, and Aspen Custom Glass can replace his windshield.

Sounds pretty vital to me. (I don’t think anyone will ask him to leave.)

Obermeyer Place is a residential and professional oasis. It’s a few steps away from the hustle and bustle of the “city” of Aspen. Neighbors talk to each other across their patios and share baked goods – really, we have to!

We have no coffee shop, no cafe. We would even love to have Steve Skadron come here for coffee and pastries. If only we had a cafe! That is the only thing missing.

If there was a coffee shop at Obermeyer Place, the writer would have written about the expensive pastry, no doubt; she would not write about how nice it is just to come sit outside at OP, to enjoy the view with a cup of coffee and a neighbor. That kind of news just wouldn’t sell free newspapers.

Sandra Sattler


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