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We are the boss

Dear Editor:The most serious accusation in John Dean’s indictment of Bush et al is the outing of covert CIA operative, Valerie Plame Wilson, wife of ex-ambassador Joseph Wilson. Mr. Wilson was sent to Niger to investigate claims that Iraq was trying to buy material for nuclear weapons. When the claims were not substantiated and he said so publicly, someone who had the information on his wife blew the whistle. That someone contacted other journalists but Robert Novak of the Chicago Sun-Times was the one who ran with it. I don’t blame Novak, though I wouldn’t want to be him; someone had to say it since it happened. The law says anyone who exposes a covert operative’s identity is guilty of treason; not Novak, the person who told Novak; the person who has access to that kind of information; the person who would put other people’s lives at risk to achieve his goals. This is an awful act, one that puts a woman and all her contacts in danger. So much for any dreams she might have had about anonymity and some semblance of normalcy after her gig was up. Someone decided that her safety and hopes were secondary to his own agenda and was willing to sacrifice her.Many people curse bureaucracy, but these decisions about policy are made by people. They have names. They have histories. They are as fallible as you and I. Maybe they have a vision, maybe they are self-serving a–holes. They make decisions that affect you and me. Most of us live day to day or month to month. We rarely invest our energies into a vision of a future that would actually benefit the larger good, the well-being of our successors, our heritage, our children.However, we – you and I – are facing huge questions about the shape of the world to come. If we choose the arrogance of unilateral confrontation toward those less fortunate than ourselves, we will lose on many fronts. We must engage the world in a dialogue that asks questions important to us all.Shall we cure diseases?Shall we feed people?Shall we have clean water and air?Will we find a way to work together to discover answers to these questions?Whom do we choose to talk with about these issues? Well, we start with our neighbors, workmates and friends in various places. Maybe we write a letter to the editor, join a group of like-minded people or contact someone online. Maybe we vote.Information is the key. If we don’t have it we make ill-informed decisions. The Bush regime is denying us the information we need to make informed decisions about what we want the world to look like. Its mantra is stalwart and steadfast; never admit an error and never ask anyone what she thinks. Mission accomplished!An open mind is a gift from God, good data requires openness and accountability from those we choose to represent us.We are the boss.Gene KopeckyCarbondale

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