We are about to enter a period of high, huge and profound Libra energy, taking relationships and social interactions and issues to a higher level.

It will be bringing into focus so many aspects of how we, as human beings (apparently) relate to ourselves and each other.

Quite frankly, the older I get the less I want to interact with the two-legs. I more and more hesitate to call them human beings because most of the evidence suggests that most of the two-legs are not being human at all.

As my old pal Curtis says… “The reason we cannot find the missing link is that we are it.”

So more and more I seek Humans and less and less do I find them as I put the bar higher.

Even then I am regularly shocked and disillusioned by the behavior of people whom I believed knew better… people who act in mean, vile and even disgusting ways that I find hard or even impossible to comprehend. So pointless the games and manipulations, lies and cons that people do when all that is needed is to play it straight!

I am having some huge shocks in this area, but hey, I came into this life as a deluded Libra believing in everyone, and believing that everyone has good intent and will do the right thing if given the chance.

What I have had to learn is that many of the 2-legs are still apes. Or worse. Brutal and brutalized insensitive apes.

Thankfully there are some human beings being human – or at least committed to do their damnedest at it whatever it takes – and it is they that I seek.

Are you one? Really? Cool! 🙂

So in the coming months with all this Libra energy, make it your process to develop your humanity and humanness. Start with qualities that make us the best, like laughter and love, loyalty and trust.

© 2004 Tomas Gregory

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