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We all honor Denver

Dear Editor:After dissecting Ms. Smith’s letter of Sept. 9 and removing all the nasty comments, it seems to me her letter is more of a blatant self-promotion for her event and her foundation.I watched the Wildlife concert on my local PBS station last night and was reminded what John Denver said: No one can do it all. But if you do a little and I do a little, then maybe together we can get it done.The events in Aspen from Oct. 7-13 are not a competitive event with Ms. Smith’s. I believe hers are the week before. Numerous groups, as well as individuals, raise monies for causes like the Windstar Foundation, Challenge Aspen and The Peace Cloth, as well as bring entertainment to the Assisted Living Center there by a chorus of singers gathered from all over the world. No one is more legitimate or less legitimate than the other. We are all are trying to do our best to honor and celebrate John Denver and the causes he spoke and sang about.Liz SegerPort Colborne, Ontario,Canada