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We all deserve a chance

As a 16-year-old student in high school, I have looked over Amendment 31 in disappointment.

This amendment is immoral, racist and unfair to Hispanics and other foreign students. This amendment is taking away a student’s right to learn, which anyone should have a right to.

It takes 12 years of schooling to help an average American student fully understand the English language. Amendment 31 is proposing only a one-year learning span for foreign students to speak, read and write proficiently in English.

This is an 11-year difference and there is no way an average, foreign student could learn 11 years worth of English in one school year (about nine months).

Instead of trying to shorten this learning process, I feel we should be trying to lengthen it. The time foreign students are given to focus on the English language is already limited.

As a student myself, I see students who won’t do their work, won’t read aloud in class and won’t participate because they can’t understand the lesson. If we shorten this learning process even more, foreign students won’t be the only ones affected.

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Classroom disruption will increase and test scores will decrease. These students are expecting to get an education they cannot get from their home country.

It is our state’s duty to help these students receive the education they deserve, which is the same education an American student is receiving. They will not be able to get this education if their time understanding it is shortened.

Amendment 31 keeps children from learning and understanding what this country and what we stand for. I hope you see that nothing good can come from this amendment ? it won’t help anyone.

I know I am ineligible to vote, but I urge everyone who can to vote against Amendment 31. We all deserve a chance to learn.

Brittany E. Pollock

Basalt High School

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