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Way to go, Dems!

Dear Editor:Does anyone feel like a huge weight has been lifted off their backs regarding the Democrats taking over the House of Representatives and possibly the Senate? I’m a conservative/independent and I know I feel great about these results. For once, I must say, way to go, Democrats! The people who called themselves Republicans were not, and they paid the price on Tuesday – especially from people like me who would have normally voted for them.I voted Democrat this time, as I believe the Republicans were turning the USA into a state of fascism. It hurts to say it, but I think the Democrats might have just saved our country from outright tyranny. Those Republican thugs that were booted out of the House should have realized that true conservatives believe in our Constitution, it’s not just a “piece of paper” as some neocons have said. Again, thank you for saving the United States of America! Now lets “giddy up” and repeal the unpatriotic Patriot Act. God bless the USA.Tom AndersonAspen Village

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