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Watershed plan worthwhile

(This letter was originally addressed to the Ruedi Water and Power Authority Board.)Dear Editor:The Nature Conservancy of Colorado wishes to thank you for your enthusiastic support and sponsorship of the Roaring Fork watershed plan. As you know, many years of research on various river issues have been recently completed by a number of local non-profit groups and government agencies. What was lacking, however, was an organized framework to bring all of this data together in a single effort. The Roaring Fork watershed plan will do just that.In Phase I of the program, the existing research reports on water quantity, water quality, riparian vegetation, recreation, and fish and wildlife will be synthesized into a single document. The result will be an all-important state of the watershed report.Simultaneously, a targeted outreach program will engage important stakeholders in this process and will increase public awareness and involvement in the watershed plan. Finally, in the second phase, a watershed plan will be produced that will be our valley’s road map to sustain the economic and ecological services that the watershed provides long into the future.The Roaring Fork watershed is blessed not only with incomparable natural beauty and resources, but also with great human talent and community spirit. Many of your constituents are already working on this project and many more will be educated about it and recruited to participate in the coming months. Due to your leadership and foresight in supporting this effort, you will have harnessed this tremendous talent to one of the most important efforts that the Roaring Fork Valley could ever undertake – the conservation, preservation and restoration of its very backbone – the Roaring Fork watershed.Again, thank you for your support.Albert J. SlapDirectorColorado River Headwaters Project

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