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‘Waterless’ Car Wash actually cleaned my car

Stewart Oksenhorn
Aspen Times Weekly

I admit straight-out: It has not been the lack of a water source that has kept me from washing my car on any regular basis these many years. A partial list of the things that keep me from washing my car includes: laziness; the knowledge that my father will take my car to get washed whenever he visits; the fact that my car is 16 years old and I genuinely believe it looks better with a layer of grime.

And then there is the bottom line reason: It’s a car. If I wash it, it will just get dirty again. I know, the same thinking applies to the bathtub, the dishes and my body, but it’s a much stronger argument with an automobile, which does its work on dusty roads.

So, I thought the hook behind Lucky Earth “Waterless” Car Wash – with the tagline, “Put down that hose” – was a fairly meaningless one, especially as it applies to me. Are finding a faucet, having to get out a hose, and possibly getting wet really the deterrents to washing a car? Isn’t using a hose kind of fun? Doesn’t it put every guy in mind of the car-wash scene from “Cool Hand Luke?”

What I learned, though, in using Lucky Earth is that washing a car is less of a time-suck than I imagined. Eliminating the step of getting out the hose – and then having to dry the car – is a significant time-saver. After several months of staring at the product – a spray-bottle of solution and “two microfiber towels” – I finally hauled it home, announced that I was going to wash my car, hoisted my stunned wife off the floor, and got around to the task.

Which took less than 15 minutes. It’s as easy as this: You spray some solution on the car, a bit more on the towel, and rub in a sweeping motion. I found that it helps cut down on the time if you ignore the instructions to then buff the area with the second towel, and also ignore the fact that Lucky Earth works on the inside as well as the outside. Even with limiting myself to a once-over, my car was cleaner than it had been since Pop’s last visit. I had time left over to do my wife’s car – inside and out.

Also worth noting: Lucky Earth is non-toxic, dye- and fragrance-free. The bottle notes it contains 7-10 washings; I did two big cars (OK, SUVs, but one is a hybrid and the other rarely gets driven) and used maybe one twentieth of the spray. Don’t expect Lucky Earth to get the hard, crusty stuff off your car, but it handled bird droppings easily and did provide a professional glow. And don’t listen to that cynical co-worker of mine who told me that what’s being sold here isn’t the spray, but the special towels, which have to be thrown out after one use: Not true; says right here the cloths are washable and reusable.

The only downside: my dog sitting there, wondering when I was going to get out the hose and spray her down. Sorry, girl.


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