Watch where you’re paving |

Watch where you’re paving

Dear Editor:As a lifelong member of this valley I feel obligated to speak my mind on an issue that has recently caught my attention. A proposal to pave a bike path along the Roaring Fork River amongst the private property that lies at the river’s shore is disappointing to say the least. Although I am an advocate of outdoor sport, such as road biking and roller-blading, I hold very little sympathy for this cause as I find it unnecessary to disturb such serene natural beauty which lies along the river’s edge catering to fisherman, horse back riders, and hikers alike.I understand that progressive development and recreation are highly valued within the valley, but aren’t preservation and consideration also? Having grown up in this valley I feel privileged to have learned about the importance of wildlife, as I was taught from a young age how to respect the space around me. So I leave this thought with one suggestion: Leave the riverside alone, pave your path along the frontage road.Katie HoffmasterAspen

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