Watch what you’re drinking |

Watch what you’re drinking

Dear Editor:

Well, the X Games is back, and we all love the courage and creativity that come with it, but there is a comment I have to offer. Firstly, I submitted a letter last year to this effect, and I believe it was not printed (I looked for it). It pertains to some of our prominent sponsors of this event and the athletes. Straight to the punch line: Red Bull and Mountain Dew (and similar products) are not appropriate drinks for athletes, professional or otherwise. In fact, what these drinks provide is the antithesis of proper nutrition and healthy sources of energy.

How about some organic, whole foods to fuel you guys? Maybe some organic acai or hemp seed? Pro athletes set the example for so many young people, and I understand they need good sponsors to fund their sport, but these products are not health foods and when consumed in excess are downright harmful.

Christopher Brod


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