Watch the moguls as dry spell takes over |

Watch the moguls as dry spell takes over

Well, Knox Williams at the Colorado Avalanche Information Center may have said it best on Sunday afternoon: “There is little to get excited about in the current weather pattern and near-term forecast. On Monday the ridge to our west will weaken, and moisture will increase over the northern mountains, but this is not enough to bring measurable snow.”

Today should be mostly sunny and then perhaps partly cloudy in the afternoon, with highs in the upper 30s to mid 40s. Sunny and warm.

Not a bad combination for skiing, especially if you are into blue-sky Colorado skies. Unless you’re in a resort that could use some snow. Like we are.

Hey, don’t get me wrong, the skiing was really fun over the weekend. The snow has gotten that dry and sticky feel to it, which it often does during the now all-too-traditional January dry spell. It is easy to get an edge in. On the other hand, the rockies are out on the underside of many an otherwise fine mogul.

We suggest using short and sharp skis, and skiing them as if they make new ones every day, which they do.

The snow is still just peachy for getting out and cruising around with friends, whether they are the type that consider Steeplechase a first-run warm-up or those who think two runs down Alpine Springs are just fine before lunch.

Yesterday in Snowmass was pretty nice, what with the snow sculptures at some of the lifts (the big whale at the Spider Sabich race area won the contest) and the big-air contest down on Fanny Hill. The event was a hoot and should become a welcome spectacle on Thursday afternoons starting next month.

A local snowboarder, Doran Laybourne, took the top spot. The event lasted for several hours, and a sizable crowd gathered in the afternoon sun to watch the jumpers, many of whom came into the jump backward and/or did inverted aerials.

On Saturday night, the fireworks were up to their usual awesomeness, and a big thanks goes out to Ink! cafe and coffee for coming up with the cabbage to put on the show.

So, Wintersköl is in the rear-view mirror. Time marches on. Now it’s time to usher in Gay Ski Week and keep preparing for the ESPN Winter X Games, which as the sign now says, will be held at “ButtermilX,” which is a cooler name than Tiehack ever was.

Today, Gay Ski Week participants are to be skiing at Buttermilk and Aspen Mountain, according to the event schedule. Tuesday is another day on Ajax, while Wednesday is Snowmass day and Thursday is Highlands day. Friday is another day on Ajax.

Welcome all.

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