Watch out for the West |

Watch out for the West

Dear Editor:

Hoping everyone is giving serious thought to our local Garfield County Commissioners’ race. I would like to add two cents.

Per Jim Rada, our oil and gas liaison, we have had two “exceedences” of the ozone standard since official monitoring began in June ” that would be two in three months.

Our two Republican commissioners who have proved to be businessmen’s’ business men, have bent over backwards to continue the tradition of the GOP being the Gas and Oil Party. The results are showing in our air and water. The environmental degradation will only increase with the lame duck last-minute give-aways by Bush to his industry. It’s no coincidence that Bush, Cheney, Bill Owens, Bob Shaeffer (and soon Larry?) are all entangled with oil and gas. The leases on the Roan cannot be undone, and it remains to be seen what Salazar and Udall can do about the oil shale leases.

John Martin has done nothing to show he will represent our interests and even attempt to maintain a quality of life, with clean air, clean water and undiminished wildlife. He should be sent packing, and Bershenyi and Carter should be given a chance to bridle the oil and gas monster.

The huge increases in drilling already planned will not go away as the country moves from oil to cleaner-burning natural gas. Too bad it’s no cleaner to get it out of the ground. If there is no environmental regulation, the West will be unrecognizable, and that most certainly includes Garfield County.

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Barb Coddington