Watch out, Basalt! |

Watch out, Basalt!

Dear Editor:

Well, someone had to come in last in the Basalt election; I’m just disappointed that it had to be me. I thought I gave the election a good effort given the time I had. I would like to sincerely thank the other 99 people who voted for me – I deeply appreciate your confidence in my ability to do the job. I would especially like to thank Erika Leavitt for all her support and energy and, of course, my husband Stephen. I almost got my name in the paper more than he does!

If this experience has done anything, it has made me more motivated to become more deeply involved with my community. I am still interested in pursuing some of my ideas that I spoke about during my campaign. I do have a lot of ideas and a lot more time lately, so don’t count me out yet. There’s no one as enthusiastic or energetic about creative ideas as a bored architect, so watch out, Basalt! I may just be getting started!

Finally, I’d like to congratulate Karen, Glenn, and Anne. My sincere hope is that they in no way take their cue on how a town government should be run from the city of Aspen. There, I said it. But I’m not the only one – I spoke to numerous people who were concerned that Basalt may be heading down the same path. Our approach to growth management, affordable housing, even parking must reflect the best interests of Basalt’s residents and businesses and should not be based on Aspen’s example. I don’t mean to slam Aspen, but we are a different community with a different set of priorities and not nearly the amount of revenue that they have to work with. Our community sees itself as part of the whole Roaring Fork Valley, not a separate entity. Governing with that in mind will help everyone in the long run.

Good luck Glenn, Karen and Anne!

Mary Holley


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