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Was Cohen kidding?

Dear Editor:This letter is written to Meredith L. Cohen about the column she wrote in the November 26 Aspen Times. It was amazing, to say the least.Are you kidding me? Hopefully and obviously, you were expecting this sort of reaction, mostly to keep readers reading and reacting to your column. Gosh, anything less than that would be horrifying.Journalism takes on many phases and angles and this one takes the cake. I was annoyed to read your opinion and comments on how much you would love to see a Costco or Sam’s Club in the middle of a remaining meadow in Aspen. Again, are you kidding me? Seriously.Last, but not least, how ironic to have this diatribe written on the same page, less than an inch away from Tony Vagneur’s comment on the ANWR, which was very eloquently and fairly written, I might add. Thank you to both, it is all very clear why the planet is changing and why there are so many groups hard at work to keep some things the same.I was recently in Santa Barbara, visiting my two sons who live there, working and attending college. I, too, shopped Costco, big pretty grocery stores and had lots of groovy choices for seven days. When I came home to the Crystal River Valley, I stood outside and listened. I heard nothing. No lights in the night sky. Then I said out loud to the world here, “Thank you for all of this.”Again, thanks to both columnists. If you read between the lines, they say the same thing.Nancy ChromyRedstone

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