Wanted:Thoughts on recycling

It’s survey time!

What, no more muddy shoes in Rio Grande Park when recycling? More convenient drop-off locations for recycling? Not recycling now, why not?

How valuable is recycling? Where is all that cardboard, glass, plastic, newspapers, magazines, office packaging going? What can we do to make recycling more common?

Can Pitkin County afford to keep the recycling program going? Is it really that important to recycle? Would business owners and residents miss recycling if it’s cut out of the budget?

How can we make Pitkin County’s and Aspen’s recycling program better?

These are just some of the questions that Aspen’s High School Earth Group members and Basalt’s Environmental Club members will be asking in a soon-to-start recycling survey

Be a part of recycling. Fill out a survey. Surveys to be distributed starting Feb. 4.

Toni Kronberg



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