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Want to improve downtown? So do many others

Janet Urquhart

There is no shortage of applicants for Aspen’s downtown catalyst job.

The Aspen Chamber Resort Association received 40 resumes from prospective applicants by Friday’s deadline. The majority of them came from within Aspen, according to Hana Pevny, ACRA president.

A selection committee will be reviewing the pool of applicants, which includes some familiar names, Pevny said. Gadfly Emzy Veazy III, who wrote a letter to the editor identifying himself as a candidate, has expressed interest in the post, she confirmed.

The job was only advertised in Aspen, and it attracted 20 applicants from within the resort. Another nine came from Roaring Fork Valley residents, three came from greater Colorado, and eight of the hopefuls are from out of state. Pevny said she was pleased with both the number and the diversity of the applicants.

The selection committee, including representatives from the city, the Commercial Core and Lodging Commission, and the ACRA, are scheduled to meet next week to begin weeding through the resumes.

The city decided to create the post, but the catalyst will report to Pevny.

“I can tell you the main thing we’re looking for is someone who gets things done,” she said. “We need somebody with their feet on the ground to make it happen.”

The salary for the job is $65,000 to $75,000, but it is a one-year trial post. The catalyst’s assignment focuses on working with the downtown business community to initiate physical improvements and other coordinated efforts to improve the retail environment, brainstorming on special events and serving as a liaison between retailers and the city. Organizing support for a business improvement district is also on the catalyst’s plate.

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