Wampler cares

Dear Editor:

I am writing in support of Michael Wampler for City Council.

Michael hired me at Aspen Velo when I was 14, after supporting me as a junior mountain bike racer for two years. I have maintained a strong personal and professional relationship with Michael since, and believe that he will be an asset to and an advocate of the Aspen community and the valley as a whole.

Michael has always treated me with respect and fairness professionally, and with kindness and support personally. I believe that he will listen to the Aspen community with the same open mind he has given me, that he will tirelessly advocate Aspen, and that his fairness, respect and openness will shine in his political aspirations.

To put it simply, Michael has been an incredible mentor, boss and friend. He has instilled a strong sense of responsibility and accountability in me; I believe, strongly, that he will, as councilman, demonstrate the qualities of responsibility and accountability he gave to me.

Please vote Michael Wampler for City Council.

Jeff Anderson