Wampler a man of integrity

Dear Editor:

Mike Wampler introduced himself when he recruited and supported our son, Jeff, in the Aspen Cycling Club race series. Mike hired him at Aspen Velo when Jeff was 14; Jeff worked six seasons at the shop through his high school and early college years.

As parents, we were sensitive to the situation. Without equivocation, it is clear to me that Mike Wampler has always treated Jeff fairly and with respect. To me, these qualities embody Mike’s approach to the people around him, and those qualities should rank Mike highly as people choose who best to represent them on City Council.

These are challenging times. Beyond his integrity, as a college accounting major and successful Aspen businessman for more than 20 years, Mike brings both experience and a skill set to the table that accrues to Aspen’s benefit.

I urge you to vote for Mike Wampler for City Council on May 5.

Bruce Anderson