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Walking on water

Dear Editor:

I am not Jesus, but in the 45 years since I have lived here, I have many times walked on water – specifically Castle Creek. Snowshoes. I know the creek well. I live on it.

I don’t like the term “stakeholder.” I was a stakeholder in this beautiful stream back in 1970. And the battles I have fought for its sanctity might not be biblical, but they are vociferous. We are all stakeholders in this issue, although why county dwellers are not allowed to vote on the hydro issue is absurd.

A bunch of butt-heads are against hydro. But that is not a valid reason to be against it.

I don’t like what one Koch brother likes at all. For example, he wants to put a guardrail in from his place up by Ashcroft down to the roundabout, citing safety. His. In a county meeting, I suggested it would be more prudent if we all chipped in and got him a chauffeur. But politics make strange, often shameful, bedfellows. On all sides. Of every issue.

Aspen Skiing Co. was selected to argue in favor of hydro. Of course, it consumes a lot of water to manufacture snow. But the pro-hydro movement is not to be diminished for that reason. One critic of its position wrote that all the employees are really working for General Dynamics, the largest weapons (big suckers) manufacturer in America. So what? We are talking the merits of hydro here, the environment, the beauty, alternate sources for energy and cost.

And we are talking trust. All the old-timers are against it – people who know the whims and variations of our streams. But the way the city has managed this project is disgraceful. The original ballot! (They point to that vote years ago.) But on that ballot – the first many voters even knew of the issue – there was no mention (none, zero) of where the water for hydro would come from. Deception on purpose? Or, worse yet, ignorance?

Imagine the city did not think the people would ultimately want that question answered! Where will the water come from? Ah, don’t bother to put that information in the ballot – let’s build the thing. The populace won’t care. Hardly full disclosure!

We live here because it is beautiful. And at one time, it was a haven for free-thinking people. But pro-hydro voters have been suckered. It won’t be as beautiful.

Whether you bike by it, fish it, drive it or are a dummy like me and walk on it – vote “no” on hydro.

Bob Rafelson

Pitkin County

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