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Walkabout cat is back

Dear Editor:Oliver, my 14-year old Birman cat, and I first started spending random weekends in Aspen with our new friend Mick in January 2001. Since then, we have come to spend many happy days and nights in this little town, and we’ve both cherished our weekends here. We both “get” Aspen – the appeal and the challenges, at least as much as a couple of Front Range residents can. Is it any wonder, then, that when Oliver decided to go on a walkabout, that he chose Aspen as the place to do it?That happened sometime in the wee hours of last Saturday. How did Ollie, a declawed indoor-only cat, get outside in the middle of the night? Heaven only knows. I only know that when I discovered him missing early Saturday morning, I panicked. Not only because I figured that he would be as appealing to bears and coyotes as he is to me – in an entirely different way – but also because his heart disease requires him to take several meds each day.But that’s when this wonderful little community pulled together, and did what small towns do best: offer caring and support and love. Pete and the folks at KSNO ran a series of public service announcements about Oliver on Saturday night. The Daily News ran an article about our missing Ollie and his need for meds Sunday morning. The folks at Independence Place offered ideas on where to look for him. Mick’s family turned out en force to help in the search. Everyone – everyone! – offered care and sympathy and encouragement. The efforts paid off: We found Ollie Sunday afternoon, safe in the home of Beth Oden, who had found him wandering in her garage sometime Saturday. Beth saw the item in the news, and called Mick to let us know that he was safe. We took our little cat home, none the worse for wear, and stoked him with drugs and leftover fish from a Saturday night fish sandwich at the Woody Creek Tavern. Thanks to the efforts of all of you, Oliver has survived yet another life, and we hope he has at least a few more to go.Thank you all for helping to reunite us. We’ll be back at Mick’s for a weekend again soon, and this time – although we know it’s not really an Aspen custom – we might just lock the door at night.Judy and Oliver HendersonDenver

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