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Walk a mile in our moccasins

Dear Editor: “Murals: Art or atrocity” (Nov. 29). OK, Mr. Colson – so if the depiction was of blacks with spears and shields, or Latinos with bandoliers and machetes, or Asians with samurai swords, or old men in wheelchairs, then it would still be art?Don’t judge a people until you have walked a mile in their moccasins. Political correctness? It’s OK to slander and demean a people and call it art? As a Chickasaw, I’m offended by the art because it portrays Indians from the white man’s point of view – not the Indians’. Tell the Mecheu brothers to join the 21st century and learn to respect the feelings of others – walk in our moccasins for a while. Wesley WestphalLynn Haven, Fla.

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