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Wake up, wise guy

Dear Editor:Andrew Bisharat’s rather comical diatribe (letters, March 29) against Mr. Marolt’s promotion of religious faith seems to me a tired, pathetic attempt to pump up his exalted but questionable enlightenments, typical of secularists like himself.His style is shared by extremists on both sides of the issue: Attack your opponents and make baseless charges with no validation whatsoever … and claim with unmitigated gall, “What can I do? All the arguments I’ve made use reason.” A good laugh I had there. Reason, sir? Rather, pseudo-intellectual, arrogant condescending refuse masquerading as reason.Manufacturing toxic verbiage such as, “Religion has been a hindrance to everything great man could be” (such as Mr. Bisharat, I gather), and has “halted man’s progress and destroyed his soul,” etc., ad nauseam, is not evidence of either tolerance or reason, but rather of babbling, bigoted idiocy.In lieu of bolstering his self-inflating claim of “seeing the big picture with impartiality” (oh, right), he has instead confirmed to me Mr. Marolt’s telling maxim: “Wicked people do (and say) wicked things” out of a heart of pride and dark defiance of a loving creator, I might add.But there is one thing he is consistent about, I must admit: “Worship your own soul,” he confidently advises – and practices it passionately. Unfortunately, it is a pathetic little god which is impotent to save him from his own depravity. Only humbling his soul before the god of grace and wisdom, not worshipping it, can accomplish that. Wake up, wise guy.John A. HerbstParachute

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