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Wake-up call

Dear Editor:

After reading George Aldrich’s tragic death was due to a 90-foot fall from the Maroon Creek Bridge, and directly related to the fact he was drunk, it made me think – maybe Aspen should focus on safety this holiday season.

The Aldrich accident could have been prevented. How many times has it been said not to let your friends leave alone after a night of excessive drinking – too many! The problem is, if your friends are as plowed as you are, there is nobody there to think for the group.

So, I have a simple suggestion. Every bar should post an absurdly large sign by the exit warning their customers that leaving alone, while “drunk as a skunk,” is dangerous and could result in your death, or worse, the death of an innocent if you happen to be driving.

A better service would be posting someone at the door that could recognize a problem in the making. Bars do this to prevent underage drinkers from entering, so it would seem prudent to do something to potentially save a customer who has been served too much.

And, speaking about safety, I was walking across the street when a car approaching hit a patch of ice, and went into a skid as they honked their horn to warn me. The driver, who was on their cell, dropped it to grab the wheel with both hands. My suggestion – all cell phone users must incorporate a hands free device, at least during the winter, within the city limits.

While Aspen is working hard to become a model eco-friendly community, I’d like to suggest we redirect some of our money and energy to becoming the safest community in the country.

Our suicide, DUI, and “tragic” death statistics are way too high per capita. Yes, it is a national problem, but that’s an excuse. In the spirit of priorities, and the holiday season, instead of spending $15,000 to find out how we “feel” about the AACP, maybe we could use that money to save a life. It’s just a thought.

Andrew Kole


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