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Wake up and smell the incense

Call it heresy. Call it subterfuge. It’s downright blasphemous.

Oh my nondenominational God, on the first day of my daughter’s secular education in Carbondale I caught her kindergarten class in the midst of an intense yoga indoctrination.

There they were, their little bodies going through the rigors of such deistic poses as the tortuga, tree and cat, breathing deeply of the nearly tangible Eastern dogma.

One needs only to spy the cover of this week’s Valley Journal to witness for yourself the surreptitious conversion of these innocent children into hapless disciples of this mysterious, foreign ideology cloaked in the practice of stretching. If you look closely enough, you can see it in their bright, smiling eyes.

Come on you Aspen yoga naysayers, you can’t be serious. Wake up and smell the incense!

In a day and age where you can’t open a paper or watch the news without hearing about how fat and sedentary we are as a nation, should we be causing a stink about a school program that encourages physical activity and well-being? Just call it stretching and get on with it.

I know, it’s Aspen. Hire a few consultants, run a ballot issue or two, run it through the courts and we’ll check on the outcome when the train rolls into Rubey Park.

In the meantime, give the kids a pizza and a coke and put them in front of the TV. Just don’t let them watch the yoga on PBS!

Craig Willis


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