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W. shouldn’t play with guns

Dear Editor:I can still remember my dad coming home to tell us about one of his fellow sailors who was practicing his quick-draw technique with his service .45 automatic. Fortunately for this dumb swaby, the bullet just burned a groove down his leg and just barely nicked his foot. The hot bullet cauterized the wound and he didn’t even bleed. It could have been a lot worse.Unfortunately for America, the president also pulled the trigger when he shouldn’t have; but this time the result is a disaster. The horrible killing that is now going on, the enormous amount of money that is getting pissed away, and the loss of standing of the United States as a respected leader of the world are bad enough. But here is the real punch line. The very thing that Bush went to the Middle East to get, and what this country desperately needs, we are not going to have: the oil. One of the key factors in starting the war was the impending oil deals Iraq was making with China and India. The United States and Great Britain had been bombing and embargoing Iraq for a decade. We would be cut out like redheaded stepchildren. Saddam had also changed to Euros for payment on his oil sales. That would be devastating for the dollar, especially if other countries followed suit.The United States needed to get rid of its old ally Saddam and install a puppet government to work with, as we have done so many times in other countries. But now we see the new leadership in Iraq making nice with their Shiite brothers in Iran, as well as with China and India. When the music stops, guess who is going to be missing a chair in the game of musical oil wells. Bush wants desperately to attack Iran before this all gets too far out of reach. Are we ready for another war? Not likely this time around.So Gunslinger Bush of the old West has shot himself, but more importantly, this country, in the foot. We don’t get the oil we will desperately need, but we will get the bills for these wars. Don’t think we are going to get off with a few hundred billion. That’s just the upfront bill. Then there’s the reparations for that much and more (wait ’til you see the lawsuits coming in from the bereaved Iraqi relatives), and don’t forget the medical care and disability payments (for decades) for the tens of thousands of severely injured GIs.Oh, and lest we forget, the billions of dollars of military hardware “in theater” (as the war enthusiasts like to say) is now junk and will all have to be replaced. Shall we garnish the wages of the handful of fools that started all this? I know we’ll take away their pistols. We should never have let them play with guns.Patrick HunterCarbondale

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