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W. is a lame duck

Dear Editor:After three debates between John Kerry and George W. Bush, the differences between the two candidates could not be more clear.John Kerry has laid out a plan to make America stronger: Create and keep good jobs in America. Make health care affordable for every American. Reduce the federal deficit so we don’t leave future generations with huge debts. Engage our allies and train Iraqis to win the peace in Iraq. And make America respected in the world and secure from terrorist attacks.George W. Bush failed to come clean with the American people. He failed to defend his record: 1.6 million jobs lost, 5 million Americans who have lost their health insurance, middle-class incomes falling, college tuition skyrocketing and a disastrous war in Iraq that has left America less safe.The choice is clear. America needs a new direction. I’m choosing strong leadership. I’m choosing John Kerry.I wanted to state how clear it was that John Kerry won the debate Wednesday night. Not only was he very clear on his positions through the years, he was very clear on his plan to help America succeed. I find it interesting that when something isn’t working, people naturally state, “We just need to stay the course.” This is true for marriage, friendships and America’s future.John Kerry, like a good friend, pointed out that staying blind and hoping things get better doesn’t work for anything – it doesn’t work for a marriage, a friendship and it certainly doesn’t work for America’s future. As an undecided voter, I am behind John Kerry 100 percent. I think Bush made everyone at my house realize how he is a “lame-duck” president and how maybe stealing the 2000 election wasn’t such a good idea after all. Linda HarshbergerGlenwood Springs

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