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Vrany deserves better

Dear Editor:To Mr. Mick Ireland, the county commissioners and everyone else who will have something to do with the eviction of Lada Vrany, please ask yourself one thing: Would you like it if someone suddenly told you that you were being evicted from the land and house you love?In the article on the front page of The Aspen Times from Aug. 2, Mr. Ireland mentions that they weren’t trying to be harsh, but telling someone that their land was being swiped out from under them just like that is nothing short of harsh. Also, he mentions that they were taking into consideration Mr. Vrany’s age. OK, sure, let’s admit it, he’s maybe a bit older than me or you, but this isn’t a good reason to evict him. First of all, that land is rightfully his property and there is no logical excuse to evict him. And, second, there is probably a good reason he is living on a ranch instead of in a nursing home. Mr. Vrany is just like the elderly ones you all love, and I’m sure you wouldn’t do this to your grandpa or grandma. So Mr. Ireland, let’s get real. What you’re doing is harsh and please, please, reconsider before you evict a perfectly happy man to a perfectly unhappy place.Kinsey WeilAspen