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Vox Populi

None of us know what’s happening with the economy, and I don’t think we’ve felt the full effect yet. But I’m an eternal optimist. I think Aspen might recover earlier because of its continuing incredible desirability as a place to live and visit.

I don’t know. I just lost my job because of the economy. I just don’t know.

It could if the city pulls its finger out. Aspen’s name by itself isn’t good enough. Aspen has to be more welcoming.

I think Aspen will recover much quicker. I was in New York recently and saw how bad it was there in all facets ” real estate, everything. Real estate drives the economy. There’s enough money here. We’ll experience a plateau, but not a dip.

Yes, it will, because it was stronger to begin with, but possibly not to its previous heights.

Yes, I do. It may take the town a while to recover from the shortfall in income, and that may trigger some rethinking of budgets, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. With home sales, there’s lot of inventory right now, and it may take a while to be resold, but it will happen.

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