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Vox Populi

As a kid, what’s the best thing about Aspen?

Josie Levey, 7

Chevy Chase, Md.

Skiing, because you get to take lessons and you can really learn something.

Manuella John, toddler


The snow. (Translated from Portugese by her father, who added, “I guess because she’s never seen snow before in her life.”)

Brandon Baum, 7


The best thing about Aspen is going skiing because you get to do a lot of tricks and there’s a lot of bumps that you get to go over and go in the air. And you get to go really fast.

Rose Baum, 8


Going to the ARC [Aspen Recreation Center] because it’s so much fun there. They have two different things, something for warm weather and something for cold weather ” ice skating and swimming. And then in-between is rock climbing. And then on the outside there’s one of the hugest mountains in Aspen for sledding.

Danny Meunier, 12


Good food. Really good food. The Hickory House ribs. The best ribs in America, I think.

Hayden Gwinner, 8


Going up to Aspen Mountain in the summer and going bungee jumping.

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