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Vox Populi

What is your most memorable missed ski day?

Jerry “Homeboy” VanHoy


March 27, 1993. I’d just gotten married and I was too hung over to get up and go skiing even though there was two feet of powder.

Maurie Wolff


Probably all the days I’m stuck at the bank watching it dump outside.

George Scott

Austin, Texas

I’m sure it involved a hangover, but I can’t remember it.

Christy Sauer


Last year I was in Denver for family Christmas, and it started snowing and didn’t stop. We got four feet. I was watching the Denver news, and they kept showing Aspen Mountain. And I was in Denver having dinner with my family.

Matthew Thompson


It was my second or third ski trip ever. I was seven years old. On the first run of the first day of a 7-day ski trip in Deer Valley I tore everything with a “CL” in it in my left knee. My dad carried me back to the condo and I watched Warren Miller movies.

Hieronymous Axelson

Woody Creek

There were a bunch of them last year. I tore my calf muscle and lost six weeks out of last year’s season. There had to be 10 or 15 days in that period that would have been epic.

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