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Q: In light of the controversy about the sled dogs at Krabloonik, should working dogs be treated differently than pets?

Seth Watkins


Not at all. It’s an animal. It needs to be cared for. Working dogs are animals.

Dan Fartain


They should not be treated differently than pets because they are pets. It doesn’t matter. They are the same. They just happen to have extra skills that my pet doesn’t have.

Katie Clapper


Yes. Because they are working dogs. They are not a pet.

Ed Willinger


I think they should be treated differently but I think they should be treated humanely. They are working dogs, they need to be worked out a lot and they can’t be babied, obviously, but I agree they should be fed on a plate.

Teddy Liebowitz

Snowmass Village

They should be shown some sort of kindness. Regardless, black or white.

Eddie Liebowitz


I have a sled dog. It’s a pet. I think they should be treated as well as a house pet. Not a useless tool to make money in the winter. It’s disgusting how they are treated, especially the culling even though that was stopped … I think the guy should be shut down as far as I’m concerned.

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