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Vox Populi

What didnt you do this summer that you wish you had done?Tim WareAspenI wish Id exercised more and lost some weight.John BeebeRichmond, Va.I didnt weed as much in my garden as I should have. The weeds are beating me for the 14th straight season.Lori LowellBrush CreekI didnt play enough golf at the golf course here. I should have played like twice a week. And I didnt train enough for the 100-mile Susan Komen bike ride. I didnt train, so I didnt do it.Christie BlizzardSan Antonio, TexasMine is bike riding. I just didnt take enough time off work to get my biking in.Alexis DiazBasaltI didnt hike to Crested Butte. We usually try, but we didnt.Kristen LodenEl JebelI didnt go hiking enough and I didnt go to the Ideas Festival. I did listen to it, though.

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