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Vox Populi

What was your least favorite subject in high school and why?Randy SmithNew Orleans Chemistry. Boring. I always liked history and literature and other things involving places and people, as opposed to amorphous concepts involving chemicals. It didnt do much for me.Troy ThibeaultBasaltChemistry. I just didnt get it at all. I did like messing around with the chemicals, though.Tenley TaylorPortland, Ore.Oh, geometry. I didnt like the teacher.Linda GerdenichAspenLatin. I hated reading Julius Caesar in Latin. I didnt like it in English and I hated it even more in Latin.Carol FullerBasaltMath, because I was very poor at it. Still am.Reede HoskinAspenI didnt especially like accounting. Boring. I do a lot of accounting and its still boring, its still time-consuming.

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