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Vox Populi

What is your favorite furniture story?Michael GottdenkerPotomac, Md. I have a piece of furniture that used to be my grandfathers humidor. When my grandfather died, my great aunt had a carpenter cut off the top the most special part and put a piece of plywood over it. Mikey Wechsler Aspen I have one couch that was rescued from a Scrape & Replace, a nice leather one. It was just going to get thrown away. I paid $0 for it. Karla Galarza and Christopher Fagundo Carbondale We dont have any furniture. We just moved in. MikiAspen The bottom line is possession is nine-tenths of the law. I have an English antique a back bar. A friend of mine was moving and I said Id I keep it until she returned. Four years later, I put it on my wall. Recently she saw it and said it looked great. Teal Brown Aspen Literally every single piece of furniture at my apartment we got from the dump except one, an old black chair that was left in the apartment when we moved in. Carl Sewell Dallas I have a shadow box with a badge. Its a Deputy United States Marshall badge. And its my mothers. She was the first female U.S. Marshall in Texas, maybe in the U.S. When they swore her in, they gave her a warrant for Bonnie Parkers arrest.