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Vox Populi

What is your most memorable meal?

Rustique [Bistro] in Aspen. We went for my birthday and tried snails and also frog legs, which we’d never had before.

The Manager’s Palace in New Orleans: charbroiled oysters and the redfish courtbouillon.

I just tried pork chops with brown sugar on them. It was probably the best meal I’ve had in awhile. It was just a fluke ” I said ‘what the heck, let’s try it.’

The Aspen Meadows employee party. We went to Asia on Main Street. I think it’s a doctor’s office now. We had everything on their menu ” and sushi. They brought it out on these big boats, and we ate and drank our fill. That was the best employee party ever.

I just helped create a kielbasa shrimp dish ” cajun-style. At first it was just throwing in kielbasa and onions and peppers in a pan and some sauerkraut. It evolved into throwing some shrimp in and some herbs. Now we eat it all the time.

My most memorable meal was when my dad made king ranch chicken casserole. Dad was really proud that he made it. When we looked at it, it was kind of repulsing and no one liked it, except for him (pointing to dad).