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Vox Populi

What summer event are you most looking forward to?Mike NortonAspenThe [Aspen] Music Festival because theres no place else in the world that has a venue like this for people who love symphonic music.

Laura BowenAspenThe free Thursday night concerts at Snowmass. Its a good way to gather with friends and be outside enjoying the summer weather and sunshine.

Fallon FeastAspenObviously Food & Wine, because its a sh*t show. Its ridiculous. Everyone gets loaded. Last year at the Cantina, where I work, our boss was going around pouring everyone tequila shots. Everyone parties hard for that weekend.

Jason HartmannAspenI look forward to the Fourth of July the most because I love parades.

Maureen WagersAspenMountain Fair [in Carbondale] because I just love the people there and the stuff they have. Its got a good vibe and its not in Aspen.

Bill HilderbrandGlenwood SpringsBig water, for the kayaking and rafting.