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Vox Populi

What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?Mike KetingLittletonProbably flipping burgers at an A&W when I was 16. That was pretty awful.Erin ConnollyAspenProbably detassling corn in the 95-degree Iowa heat in the summer for about a dollar an hour.Janet WallAspen/Los AngelesI had a really torturous baby-sitting job when I was about 12. The mom left me with two kids and she wanted me to bathe them, put them in their pajamas and get them to bed before she got home. I was nearly a baby myself; I didn’t even know how to change a diaper. The parents came home and the kids were screaming and weren’t in bed yet. I never baby-sat again after that.Richard SplainGlenwood SpringsI worked for a cement erection company that built the platforms that they pour cement on for the foundations for water-treatment plants. … That was by far the worst job I ever had, but we got paid really well, which made up for it.Emily WeissAspenI’ve never had a bad job. I only take jobs I like.T.K. TaylorWashington, D.C.Primate nutritionist in Maryland. You had to clean up monkey shit – that’s about as bad as it gets.