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Vox Populi

What’s the biggest challenge of living in or visiting Aspen?

Do I have the word “kiosk” stamped on my forehead? Probably because I have a dog, people always stop and ask me to tell them where they can get a ham sandwich, or where they can find whatever they’re looking for.

Finding a parking place was extremely difficult here. I must have driven around for 10 or 15 minutes. Now I’m not even sure where I parked.

I would say parking. You just can’t get a space if you come before, like, 10.

Shopping for basic necessities. I go downvalley to get all my basic necessities ” diapers, socks, all that sort of stuff.

Parking. You drive like 10 minutes to find a parking spot, and then you have to walk 10 minutes to get where you’re going.

The high cost of living. At the supermarket, I think it’s because things have to be delivered up here, we end up paying more. And locals have limited choices about where to shop for clothes, unless they go downvalley or shop online.


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