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Vox Populi

What is your view of the value of high school athletics?

I think it’s very important for kids. It develops teamwork, self-discipline to be able to do their schoolwork, team participation, and it can help you get into college.

It gives kids a great outlet to focus on something that complements academics really well.

They have value. As long as it’s on equal footing with academics and teaches important life skills, athletics are very valuable.

Since Aspen is a town that there’s a lot of sports, all kinds of sports, it’s nice that the kids get started at school to get related with sports.

To be part of the group, to show how much you love your town and your country.

I think that it’s definitely good for a kid, because, first of all, they’re occupied, they exercise, which is good, they use up their time in a valuable way … and if they have some skill, maybe they can move on from here to more professionalism.


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