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Vox Populi

Q: What’s the worst place you’ve ever lived?Peter AbramsPalo Alto, Calif.Oakland, California. I lived in an OK part of town, but there were parts that were pretty dangerous – I played baseball in a sketchy area.Dan EhmkeFt. Lauderdale, Fla.I lived in a loft shortly after high school in Milwaukee. It was small, and I’m kind of claustrophobic. I like bigger spaces.Judy BudzikBasaltA teeny place over on Waters Avenue. It was a hotel and my boyfriend was the maintenance guy, so they gave us a free unit. But I think it might have been a utility closet, and not really a room.Christina LockwoodWoody CreekA couple of places – a place on Park Circle, where if you flush the toilet it soaked the floor, so the floor sank about an inch every time you flushed. And then the Alpina House, where there was no kitchen, and the microwave was in the bathroom. That was wonderful.David RyanSnowmass VillageIn Rhode Island during college, I had a horrible, small place with a futon couch. I was young and didn’t have money, so I didn’t care. But I ate Top Ramen, macaroni and cheese and tuna fish every night.Stephen O’NealCarbondaleI lived in my boss’ house for six months, and that sucked. I was in his wife’s office, and there was a foot-wide path from the door to the bed – that’s the only floor space there was; the rest was filled with boxes and junk. It was uncomfortable, and I had to babysit their kids on a moment’s notice whenever they wanted to go out. Also, there were awful dogs.