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Vox Populi

What is the most memorable photograph you’ve ever seen?

Thomas Struth’s photos of the inside of museums. His photos are something I really like. It’s nice to see all people looking at other things.

The photo in 1968 of a South Vietnamese general shooting a Vietcong’s brains out. It changed public opinion.

The Iwo Jima picture of the guys hoisting the flag. It’s an amazing photo in its own right and amazing in what it represents.

A nude woman on a couch. I took it.

A [Robert] Mapplethorpe photo. It’s a picture of a lily. I like his organic portraits because they were suggestive.

A [picture I took] of an underwater wreck in Truk in the South Pacific. The Japanese had a harbor like Pearl Harbor. [The U.S. attacked and] you can see the world stopping in an instant.

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