Voting in Eagle County |

Voting in Eagle County

Dear Editor:What does Home rule really cost? Do we need five commissioners?Former Eagle County Commissioner, Dick Gustafson, believes it is easier to make decisions with three commissioners rather than five. That is fine if the three are responsible and are working for the good of the county. It is also easier for two irresponsible commissioners to make bad decisions.In the last two years Arn Menconi and Peter Runyon have spent approximately $6 million for a worn out gravel pit that 98 percent of the county residents will never use, $9,000 for a telephone survey for the babysitting tax, $12,000 to promote the tax, plus they have just had 24,000 flyers printed to promote the tax. They have also spent $88,000 to resurface a four mile stretch of the Colorado River Road that was just resurfaced in August, only because one of Menconi’s friends from Beaver Creek thought it was too rough a surface for his bicycle. Resurfacing this road reduced the safety of the road for vehicles. Now they want to spend about $3 million more to maintain a State highway for bicycles. This is in addition to all the staff time that was involved in these projects. There are possibly more extravagant expenditures.This $9,109,000 would pay for the extra two commissioners for over 50 years at today’s rates. In the meantime they have reduced the reserve funds that the past commissioners had set aside to get the county through the lean times that are bound to come again.It amazes me that Arn Menconi thinks we have $3 million to spend for bicycles, but wants to tax us $3.5 million for children. What are his true priorities?Responsible commissioners would know that it takes love and family to raise a child, not the government. It does not matter how much money you spend on a child, it will not assure their success. Children need loving, devoted parents to nurture responsibility and a good self image, to insure their success. This proposed tax will just raise another generation of welfare recipients.Right now, we have Arn Menconi leading this irresponsibility and Peter Runyon playing follow the leader. Sara Fisher is very close to Peter Runyon and I believe that she will just follow along with whatever he does. The worst thing you can do for Eagle County is to vote for Sara Fisher. We need common sense on the board, not another liberal.You can start to put some responsibility back in to the commissioners office by voting for Tom Edwards and supporting the Home Rule initiative. In 2007 we can elect two more responsible commissioners and put an end to this irresponsibility. The other option is to actively pursue the recall election of Arn Menconi and Peter Runyon that has been discussed.I believe that home rule and five commissioners may be a bargain, especially if we are careful who we vote for. Make your opinion count – VOTE.Mike LederhauseMcCoy, Colo.

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