Voting for the future |

Voting for the future

Dear Editor:I have to admit that I dont generally follow the school board elections, but, for some reason, I found myself reading some Q&A in one of the papers with all the candidates running.Now, I dont have any children of my own, and it would seem that for myself and folks like me that these elections really wouldnt mean diddly. But, if we look at it in the perspective as these children are our future, they mean a whole lot! The education they receive now greatly impacts our lives down the road; theyll be running things!After reading the first article and then subsequent articles, along with the various letters to the editor, I have made my decision. Actually, just after the first Q&A article, it was as apparent and clear as a freshly cleaned window: Debbie Bruell and Bill Lamont. The article Im referring to was in The Valley Journal a few weeks back. If you can find it, it is well worth your time reading it. It seemed that the two incumbents did what all incumbents do they dodged the questions completely! That in itself was the turning point for me. However, reading what Debbie and Bill had to say was not only enlightening, but straight forward in their responses. If this is even close to resembling what they will bring to the table, I say, Bring me seconds!Regardless if you have school children or where they go, please take a moment to go over each of the candidates platforms, and vote for the two that fit your ideals. After all, its our children and our FUTURE that you will be voting on. I hope it will be for Debbie and Bill!Rock the vote!Daniel MacEncletusCarbondale

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