Voting for Ken and Sara |

Voting for Ken and Sara

Dear Editor:Two earnest office-seekers I’m enthusiastic about are Ken Gordon (for secretary of state) and Sara Fisher (for Eagle County commissioner). I’m enthusiastic because I’ve had the chance to hear them answer hours of questions from people here in the valley at public meetings. Both seemed intelligent and attentive, and especially honest and forthright.The secretary of state position is a very important one in Colorado with far-reaching consequences for everything from prisons to elections. I was impressed with the fact that Ken Gordon had the foresight (very important now in retrospect) to successfully champion paper records so that Colorado has protection from voter error or fraud in elections. And, he has extraordinary insight into the pitfalls of politicians polarizing into partisan extremes, rather than finding common ground with sensible solutions for all their citizens.I think we’d be lucky to have Sara Fisher as a commissioner, someone from Gypsum who really listens to our concerns in this valley and could represent us. She seems very independent in her thinking, with a proven ability to quietly, but firmly, withstand partisan politics to maintain high standards of ethics in her work. Hearing her answer questions up close, I’m convinced that she has a special ability to see “the wider picture” and bring people together for practical resolutions.Karen SignellBasalt

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