Voting changes |

Voting changes

Colorado legislators have approved changes in how elections are conducted around the state. The measures include sending mail ballots to all voters and eliminating precinct voting in favor of centralized voting centers where voters could still cast a ballot in person. In addition, voters would be allowed to register to vote right up until Election Day.

We’re wondering what readers think of the changes — they’re the focus of this week’s Aspen Times online poll. To find it, go to and scroll down.

In response to last week’s question — “Who do you support in the Aspen mayoral race?” — Maurice Emmer led in the polling, followed by Derek Johnson and then Adam Frisch. Seeing less support were Steve Skadron, Torre and L.J. Erspamer. The results of past polls are available online. Just click “View Results” or vote in the new poll to see the results of past polls.

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